How to Choose the Right General Liability Insurance in PA

General liability insurance in Pennsylvania protects your business if you are found responsible for hurting someone or damaging their property. It covers legal fees & damages if your business is found to be at fault. Business insurance in PA is important for companies of all sizes and types because accidents and other unplanned events can happen anytime. With general liability insurance pa, you can protect your business from financial losses & legal liabilities.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance (GLI) PA  can help pay for charges that your business hurt someone or damaged their property. Comprehensive general liability (CGL), business liability insurance pa, or liability insurance pa are other names for the same thing. You can get GLI independently or as part of a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) that combines other essential coverages.We can help you determine what business liability insurance PA your company might need. Get general liability insurance and a price, or find out what liability insurance Pennsylvania covers. We're here to help.

 Essential Protection for Your Pennsylvania Business

Business insurance Pennsylvania and industrial general liability insurance are other names for business insurance. It can help keep your business safe from claims of harm to people or property damage. You'll have to pay these bills out of pocket if you don't have liability insurance in Pennsylvania.

Small business insurance helps the economy grow. 1.1 million small businesses in the state work for 2.5 million people.1.Getting the right small business insurance in PA is essential to protect your company. You can find the best general liability insurance pa at the best price by getting offers from multiple insurance carriers.

Commercial Liability Insurance Protecting Your Business In PA

Commercial Insurance Pennsylvania, or "Pennsylvania commercial insurance," is broad business insurance that protects against a company's general liability risks. All companies should have commercial insurance, which says Purdy Insurance.

  • Professional liability insurance (for mistakes and omissions)Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance protects experts from wrongdoing and negligence that hurts their clients or damages someone else's data. This insurance is essential for licensed workers like lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, architects, engineers, and tech companies. According to Purdy Insurance, all professional and tech companies should have E&O coverage.
  • General liability insurance for employers: Employment Practices Liability insurance covers claims related to work that aren't accidents on the job. This can include legal fees & damages for lawsuits about things like discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and other things that workers say are against their legal rights. Purdy Insurance suggests you consider this type of security if you have employees.
  • D&O stands for "directors and officers." If a business's directors or officers make false statements or do something careless that leads to a lawsuit against the company, D&O insurance will cover those people. Directors and Officers coverage comes in several forms, including company coverage, personal liability coverage, and corporate reimbursement coverage. Adding coverage for hiring practices' liability to D&O insurance policies is possible.

Call us to learn about these and other business insurance goods and services. We'll help you make sure you're secure.

Commercial liability insurance in PA, A policy typically insurance quotes

Commercial insurance PA, also known as business insurance pa and PA commercial insurance, protects your Pennsylvania business from losing money because someone says you or your workers hurt or damaged someone else. Business insurance in PA, In general, a policy covers:

  • Bodily Injury: Damage done to someone other than an employee at your business and injuries you or an employee cause at a client's home or place of work.
  • Property Damage: Damage to someone else's property that you or an employee did.
  • Personal Injury: Like slander, libel, invasion of privacy or property, false arrest, wrongful eviction, and other things that hurt someone's rights or image.
  • Advertising Injury: lost money because of your ads
  • Legal Defense and Judgment: Up to your policy limits, it will cost you to protect yourself against real and fake lawsuits and court wins. Remember that this usually doesn't include punitive damages for carelessness or willful wrongdoing.

What does General Liability Insurance cover, and what are its benefits?

General liability insurance in Pennsylvania helps a business pay for claims that are too expensive to defend against. If you don't have coverage, you must pay for these basic liability insurance costs out of your pocket.

Having general liability insurance can help pay for claims that your business caused:

  • Harm to a third party's body: People who slip and fall in your store and get hurt can sue you. Your insurance coverage for third-party bodily injury can help pay for their medical bills.
  • Damage to someone else's property: Your company could damage the property if you or your workers work at a client's house. Liability insurance pa for property loss can help pay to fix or replace someone else's things if your business happens to harm them.
  • Damage to reputation: Someone can sue your firm for slander or libel because of something you or your workers said. In this case, general liability insurance can help pay the legal fees you need to protect your business.
  • Advertising injury: Copyright infringement is a crime that can get your business sued. A photographer might sue you if you use their picture in your ads without permission.

You should know that general liability insurance does not cover all claims. Saying things like these won't help your business:

  • Work-related illnesses or injuries that staff get: Whose costs can workers' compensation insurance help pay for? The insurance can help pay for their hospital bills and long-term care.
  • Damage to the property of your business that business property insurance can help with.
  • When your business's professional services go wrong, that can help cover professional liability insurance.

In Pennsylvania, who needs general liability insurance?

It would help to change your Pennsylvania business insurance based on your business type. The following are some examples of small businesses in Pennsylvania that need general liability insurance :

  • Pa contractor insurance
  • Restaurants and landscapers
  • Cake shops
  • Hair salons
  • Manufacturers
  • Cleaning services
  • Consultants

Does Pennsylvania require General Liability insurance?

Most of the time, Pennsylvania businesses do not legally have nonfederal liability insurance. Some cats only let you work with them if you have insurance and require it to rent a business property.

This type of insurance is usually part of a small business insurance plan. General liability insurance Pennsylvania can help with the following:

  • Financial protection

General liability insurance can help your business keep running when bad things happen. You should have liability insurance if people sue you for hurting or damaging their property or if you need to protect your business after a lawsuit.

  • Getting business

In Pennsylvania, having business insurance helps show that you are a professional. Some clients may even demand proof of protection before they will let you bid on or hire you for a job.

  • Leasing property

Your Pennsylvania business may need to rent an office or other commercial space. A general liability coverage can help you with this. Before renting to you, many landlords will ask to see your proof of insurance and demand that it meets specific standards.

  • Licenses and permits

In some places in Pennsylvania, like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, you might need general liability insurance to get business licenses and permits. These rules differ for each job and location, so check with local organizations.

Pennsylvania businesses don't have to have general liability insurance, but they should. Without it, you'll have to pay for claims of harm to people and damage to property out of your cash. But this covering is usually required by business leases.

Aside from that, Pennsylvania also requires that you have workers' compensation insurance and business auto insurance. As a business owner, you may need hired and non-owned auto coverage to protect work cars that you rent, lease, or borrow. Another thing to remember is that your business car insurance is different from your auto insurance. If you used your car for work, your auto insurance won't cover claims.

Does Your Small Business Need General Liability Insurance in PA?

Pennsylvania companies need general liability insurance to protect themselves from the following:

Injuries to customers

You or your workers are causing damage to property

Damage to one's reputation, such as libel; damage to one's advertising, such as copyright theft;

Damage to a rented home

Get a price today to learn more about PA general liability insurance. For over 200 years, our insurance company has helped businesses get the small business insurance they need at the best price.

Which Cities cover General Liability Insurance for Pennsylvania Cities

  • General Liability Insurance covers businesses all over Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and other places.
  • Pittsburgh
  • ScrantoGeneral Liability Insurance PA
  • Allentown
  • Reading
  • Richmond, VA
  • Los Angeles
  • Erie and Levittown
  • Bethlehem

Get a Quote for General Liability Insurance in PA

The best way to find general liability insurance is to get multiple quotes and compare them. To get started, get a quote from us. We're an insurance company that's helped small businesses get the commercial property and liability coverage they need for over 200 years. We're also known for our quality customer service and expertise in insurance products. Our specialists can also help guide you through any terms, conditions, or limits to your policies.

Which Pennsylvania small business might need General Liability insurance?

In PA, General liability insurance covers a wide range of everyday events, such as injuries from slip-and-fall injuries and property damage. It suits businesses from bakeries to carpenters, clothing shops to house cleaners.

Auto body shops and other jobs with a higher physical risk usually need a higher insurance scope to protect themselves.

In some towns in Pennsylvania, companies may have to buy general liability insurance to get a business license or permit.

For instance, if you want a liquor license in Pennsylvania, you should have legal liability and liquor liability insurance. You'll also need general liability coverage to get a contractor license in places like PA.

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost in PA?

In Pennsylvania, small businesses that needed general liability insurance paid an average of $885 a year, or $74 a month1. On the other hand, the amount you pay for insurance can change based on things like your

  • Number of workers Condition of the building
  • Policy information, such as the amount of coverage and the deductible
  • History of insurance claims
  • Location

Get a price from us today to learn more about general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance & workers' compensation insurance are some of the other coverages it offers. You can also get proof of insurance once you know your rates. A lot of clients need these before they'll work with you.

How much your general liability policy costs will depend on your work, how your business works, and how many cases you've had in the past.

People using NEXT pay less than $25 to $45 monthly for liability insurance.

How much does commercial general liability insurance cost in Pennsylvania?

General liability insurance costs different amounts in Pennsylvania depending on your region and the type of business you run. Here's the amount: About $60 a month is how much Huckleberry customers usually pay for general liability insurance. However, some Keystone State customers have paid as little as $44 monthly, less than $2 a day. (It costs a lot more to sue than that.)

However, in the end, your PA business liability insurance rate will depend on your unique situation. Your price could be higher or cheaper.


Getting general liability insurance in PA for your business will give you peace of mind. Every Pennsylvania small business should consider getting general liability insurance. It protects against bodily harm, property damage, personal and advertising injuries, and legal fees. General liability insurance for your business protects your finances and handles potential complications without costing much.

Protecting your business with insurance is about more than just meeting the law. It's also about securing your business's future and ensuring it stays successful. So, do what you must to protect your business with general liability insurance in Pennsylvania and other essential policies. It's an investment that can give your business a lot of worth and safety in the long run.

Contact us today to learn about general, professional liability, and other vital Pennsylvania small business coverages. We can help you find the right business insurance to protect your company and give you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does PA non-owned auto insurance cost?

    Our small business clients who bought general liability insurance paid an average of $885 a year, or $74 a month. However, the amount you pay for insurance can change based on where you live.

  • How much liability insurance do I need in Pennsylvania?

    In Pennsylvania, the bare minimum for car insurance is liability insurance for bodily harm, which is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per event. Liability coverage for property damage: $5,000.

  • Does it pay to have general liability?

    If your business is open to the public, deals with customer property, or rents or owns industrial property, you need general liability insurance. Only $42 a month can protect you from expensive claims. So you don't put your business at risk, get your coverage today.

  • How much does general liability insurance cost in PA?

    The cost of general liability insurance in Pennsylvania is contingent upon the structure of the business. Limited liability corporations (LLCs) typically pay approximately $143 monthly, while sole proprietors pay roughly $28.

  • Is general liability insurance required in PA?

    Most Pennsylvania businesses are not legally required to have general liability insurance. Specific clients may demand you to obtain coverage before working with them, and you may also need it to lease commercial property.

  • What is the minimal liability coverage in Pennsylvania?

    Pennsylvania's minimum auto insurance limits are as follows: "bodily injury liability coverage is $30,000 per accident and $15,000 per person . The liability coverage for property damage is $5,000.

  • Is general liability worth it?

    General liability insurance is a essencital coverage option for virtually any organization. For example, a contractor's insurance coverage, lacking general liability, would not cover property damage you caused to a client's property by accident.

  • How much is contractor insurance in Pennsylvania?

    Pennsylvania's average professional liability insurance premium for general contractors is $520 per year or $45 per month. This form is known as errors and omissions insurance, and it protects against client lawsuits based on poor, negligent, late, or incomplete work.

  • What does general liability insurance cover?

    General liability insurance covers claims of harm to people or damage to property caused by your goods, services, or business. And it might protect you if someone says you hurt their property as a renter.

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